Sunday, March 17, 2013

Random collection of photos from the past week

Cool icicle! Uh... dang... that probably means that corner needs the gutter join caulked too. (I should probably just plan to do all of them when I take care of the worst spot.)

The snowbank I decided to not shovel through last weekend:
(Given that it took me three hours to do everything else, probably a good decision.)

The corner with the gutter problem I've known about the longest:
A section of rotten wood needs replacing, plus there's the fact that the drip leaves a dangerous icy patch on the sidewalk to the back yard. (I wonder why dad didn't fix this when the house was repainted a couple of years ago? That would have been the best time to have done it, and I'm pretty sure it was a problem then too. Another reason not to hire a student to paint the house... there's more to painting than just slapping on paint!)

More problematic gutter:
This connects to the part in front of the kitchen window that was dripping last summer that dad "fixed" (not sure what the fix was), but that part is also looking... wonky. I'm not sure if I should consider replacing this whole stretch, or if this icicle is inevitable, given that a big patch of the upper roof drains to this spot, and there's probably a good chance that the lower gutter, spending more time in the shade, probably fills with ice. Well, I'll get up there with a ladder this summer and have a look... maybe see if cleaning and caulking does enough to hold it for a bit longer.

Hee, I think I have a mini-table glacier:
Taking a short walk off a shorter table?

I needed to clear my head on Thursday (too much bashing my head against the same frustrating bug), so I took a walk around the neighbourhood near work. At least my house doesn't have this big of a problem:

Graffiti, but cute graffiti:


Now *this* is a big chunk of ice:
(And that is *not* my house, thankfully!)

This weekend I took a workshop on making Shaker boxes, and made these three awesome boxes:
While I was putting the finishing on them, I finally got around to putting the finish on my turned piece too. They'll all need another coat or two, but at least I got one on!

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