Monday, March 25, 2013

New Paintings Started

I have paintings that I haven't finished, but that didn't stop me from starting two new ones tonight:
...but I have an excuse. The upcoming art show has a theme of "nostalgia", and I asked folks on freecycle for records for this idea. It would be a shame for people to give me records to paint, and then not get them done in time for the art show, right?

The dog will be a dalmatian, and I got the inspiration from the fire hydrant on the label. The canary is inspired by one of the songs on its record: "Bird In A Gilded Cage". (The gilded cage bars are coming. I'm only going to paint them behind the bird, though.)

I still need to clean the chalk sketch marks off both. I want to let the paint dry really well first.

I feel a little bad at how pleased I am with myself... but it's also nice too, because I'm happy. It's nice to be happy!

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