Monday, March 04, 2013

Getting $#!T Done!

This weekend I:
- cleaned the toilet
- washed the kitchen window (well, the inside... I'd have to shovel a bunch of snow to do the outside, and, although warmer, it's still below freezing out there... not the best time to wash windows)
- swept kitchen floor (mostly because the shelf/board I moved to wash the window dropped crud on the floor... wiped the board down too)
- glued soles back on cheap sandals I wear at work (on warm days)
- caulked along board that runs along the counter with the kitchen sink
- recaulked parts of tub where caulk was failing (more accurately, built up caulk)
- laundry
- went to Rona (twice)
- planned how to make upstairs shelves pretty

Photos of recent "got $#!t done" episodes that I didn't manage to blog until now:

Laundry room cabinet going up, before I realized I put the centre panel in facing the wrong way, so that the narrow part would get two doors, and the wide part one:
Boo-boo from not being careful enough when taking cabinet box apart to change the centre panel:
I can repair that!:
To-do list I made for when a friend came to visit:
(She visited and knit, and kept me on task. I visited and worked. If she felt so inclined for any reason, she was permitted to direct me to do a different task. Friend did an awesome job! Look at all that stuff crossed off! Oh... and I didn't take a photo of the column of drawers that now line up and slide much better now that their broken glide corners have been replaced.)

Laundry room cabinet after the centre panel had been adjusted:
Yeah, whoops. I decided I wanted the wide spot on the left, not thinking about the effect that would have on the doors. I decided I didn't care.

Of course, the cupboard, being el-cheapo particle board, didn't take long to start to sag under the weight of a bunch of laundry detergent. Fix: Add some screws to the bottom up into the back support, and put a piece of moulding under the cupboard. I am tres impressed with the miter job I did:
(It turns out I *can* use a miter box if the stuff I'm cutting is soft enough... and, being MDF, this stuff was nearly cardboard and super-soft.)
Observation: nothing like nearly-level cupboards to make it apparent just how unlevel the existing shelving is. (Gotta love old houses where *nothing* is square!)

Also put up some hooks last weekend so that this stepstool/ladder has an "away" spot, and put enough hooks & screws in the broom closet so that all the brooms can hang. (It's a bit crowded in the broom closet, but it'll do.) I neglected to photograph the broom closet, but do have a photo of the stepstool hooks:

Oh, and a friend/coworker and I fixed mom's laser printer. I (and my coworker) rock. The printer-repair guy mom paid previously *doesn't*.

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