Saturday, September 03, 2011


I put my back out on Wednesday morning, just as I was about to leave for the art club. The last few days of my vacation, that's really thrown a wrench into my to-do list progress. Oh well... it would have been even less convenient if it had happened when I needed to go in to work. (Except that then the chiropractor appointments might have had some coverage.)

Wednesday morning, I had to crawl to get back in the apartment, phone my mom (to say that I wouldn't be meeting her downstairs), then make it into bed. (All of those took plenty of time, with lots of pain.) Wednesday lunch time, mom came over and helped me to the bathroom. I had to get her to hold my upper body, because the weight of it pressing on the sore spot was too much. She also brought me some ice packs. By Wednesday evening, I was able to walk on my own, *very* carefully.

Thursday I went to the chiropractor, but that was it.

Friday I had another visit, followed by a few hours at the art club. That was too long to be vertical, and so more icing and lying flat followed. I did get the first coat done on several canvasses (for acrylics), and made progress on my heron:
Random Notes:
1. There are some white lines that will be visible once I wash the resist out.
2. The areas that looked too dark at the club, aren't. In fact, I need to darken them.
3. I was having trouble getting the colours I wanted. (I wish I had painted both herons at the same time!)
4. I had trouble getting the texture I wanted in most places.
5. I'm upset about a goof I made.
6. I don't think I should do silk painting with a sore back.
7. Hopefully I'll get this looking like I want it. I really hope it goes well with the night heron when it's done.
8. I like how I got the legs and lower belly. (Sadly, that's not a focal point... or, it's not supposed to be.)
9. I still need to paint part of the background.
10. I put some paper behind the painting, so that you can see the colours a bit better, but it wasn't staying tight against the back. The right hand side is a bit more accurate than the left.
11. I like the single-colour, tone-on-tone of the night heron background... I'm worried that the day heron might be too "busy" (colour-wise), once the trees/ground gets painted in.
12. Apparently I flipped the light/dark of the beak on the day heron, but I think that's okay.

At least my back is slowly getting better.

Well, it's well past time I ice my back again and go to bed. Good night.


jess said...

oh no! I hope your back gets back to normal soon. :(

I really like the herons. :)

noricum said...

Thanks, and thanks. :)