Friday, September 09, 2011

Home From The Chiro

Crunching better today, but still not 100% yet. Two more appointments scheduled for next week.

Spotted on the way home:
Yeppers. Although I used Transit's trip planner to find a bus schedule that would get me there 10 minutes early, or on time if the 2 minute transfer time was insufficient... I arrived 10 minutes late. Thanks, traffic. :P

(I like that the businesses at the corner near my place like to put up fun sayings on their boards!)

I got this great old hoe at an estate/yard sale not far from my place:
Old tools are the best... they're actually built to handle the Red River gumbo we have around here! Even better, when I asked how much, the guy said $1! I tested it in the front garden before coming up, and it uprooted a bunch of weed seedlings like a charm! (Once I have a place of my own, I really should have my own tools.)

I have no clue what the hole on the blade is for. It looks original, rather than added later. Perhaps for hanging?


Catlady said...

When you make a row for a garden, you often put a stick at each end, then you run a string between the sticks - threaded through the hole, you use it as a guide to keep your row straight. Though, I've found that string is usually too flexible, and tends to wander off to the side. I usually just eyeball it, and use the string between sticks to mark the row till it starts to grow...

noricum said...

Huh, neat! Thanks for the info! :)