Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Election Season

This political advertisement was *NOT* brought to you by the Green Party.

(The Green Party hand delivered (I think) packets of flower seeds.)

I passed a Liberal candidate in the hall today. I *thought* he invited passers-by in to his room that had couches, food, and *weed* (the guy next to me thought he said that too), but someone at lunch suggested it might have been *wii*. I think perhaps the Liberal should work on his diction/phrasing, to avoid confusion.

In the media, the NDP is attacking the Conservatives, the Conservatives are attacking the NDP, and the Liberals are attacking the fact that the NDP and Conservatives are attacking each other. (The Liberals only have one seat, which is why the other parties are ignoring him.) I oppose attack ads. I'm considering voting Green.

Other reasons to vote Green:
1. My riding, which has been NDP at all levels for as long as I've been alive (I think), went conservative in the last city and federal elections. (Oddly, the world has not come to an end, and I have yet to see pigs fly.) If my riding is going to do wacky things, I might as well too.
2. The Green Party is actually considering fare-free transit. An idea I proposed to my other representatives (as a way to cut carbon emissions and promote downtown), and no one was interested.
3. I like Elizabeth May, although she's federal, not provincial.

Reasons to *not* vote Green:
1. It puts the PC candidate one vote closer to getting the provincial seat.
2. The NDP candidate is a hard-working, honest guy who sends us flower seeds every year, plus reports on what he was doing in parliament until he got edged out by the Conservative in the last election. (I haven't heard a peep from the conservatives, and don't even remember the name of the federal conservative.)
3. The leader of the green party looks potentially younger than me, and that makes me feel old... and him not nearly old enough.
4. They misspelled "Flin Flon" on their website where they list the candidates.
5. The candidate in my riding isn't even committed enough to have a photo and short bio on the website.

Anyone want to say something to sway me one way or the other?

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