Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Good: Parcel delivered at my mom's. (She has a real mailbox, and is home more often.) Silk hankies and acid dyes, for making mittens like the Yarn Harlot's. :) Hankies and dye from Legacy Studio, in case you want your own supplies. (Link is directly to the page for 100g of plain hankies... they have smaller amounts, and pre-dyed hankies as well. BMFA got swamped with orders after the Yarn Harlot blogged hers, and so they took the mawatas down temporarily while they catch up.)

Good: A friend at the art club gave me a pretty necklace. :) It's a Chinese/Celtic knot carving made into a lovely pendant necklace. :)

Bad: Stupid people in block next door acting stupidly. At 11:00, I heard glass shatter, and so grabbed my phone and camera, slipped on sandals (in place of slippers), and ran outside to see if I could scare off whoever was causing damage. Turns out it wasn't someone smashing a car window (as I first thought), but the ex of a woman next door (this is the same family I saw using windows as doors, and having large groups of people drinking and doing drugs). By the time I got outside, the guy was in the car, trying to leave, and the woman was holding on to the open car door, trying to get him to talk. (He would start to drive with her hanging on.) When I saw that, I called 911. The broken glass was the full-door window to the block next door. (The owner is over now, putting plywood over the hole, so they don't freeze there tonight.)

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