Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blankie Repair

A friend of mine knit a baby blanket for a friend of hers. Recently, the washing machine ate it. REALLY ate it. Here it is after my friend did as much repair as she felt capable of:
That's the small, easy spot. If you're sensitive, don't scroll down for the next photo of the bad spot.
Yeah, that second photo is a sight, isn't it? When my friend received it for the repair request, the runs were nearly down to the green square below, so she's already done a bunch.

Today at knitting lunch I tackled the small spot. Front:
You can tell that there's a repair if you look, but it's not really that noticeable.

I started in on the big repair, but haven't gotten far enough to be worth a second photo. (Plus, I had to go open the office.)

Stay tuned for more photos as I make progress. (Another friend from lunch said she plans to blog-stalk me to see progress, so I'll try to post as there is more to see. ;) The progress won't be too fast, since I'm knitting a comfort shawl for a charity right now, and I'd like to get that done and away before I get distracted and neglect it. ;) )


Sara said...

Omigosh! Your poor friend! It would have broken my heart to pull that out of the wash and see all the destruction. :-(

Anonymous said...

Wow! That repair is lovely. I hope that you can manage something with the other giant hole. What a nasty washing machine job.


Heather said...

my heart did a few extra pit a pats when I saw that hole. Good on you to try and fix it for her.