Thursday, July 04, 2013

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Turns out if you put a whole bunch of full yard waste bins around a stump, they'll take the stump as yard waste too. (I was kind of getting fond of that stump... there goes the idle plan to buy a fire pit and have a yule-log style bonfire. Oh well... I don't need a fire pit.)

At least, the hook didn't fall out of the crack between when I hung it up and when I went inside. We'll see if it's still hanging tomorrow. (This is my second or third attempt at reattaching the hook, which is why I'm somewhat pessimistic. Each time I try a different method, though, so perhaps I'll come across one that holds.)

I think the brown stripe of epoxy adds a touch of "this snail has *lived*" attitude. I'm not sure why the epoxy turned brown, but it's kind of fun.

*sigh*... it fell while I was tying it to the basket. After I glue it *again* (bright side: I found more of the tiny pieces this time, since it was lighter out, so I'll be able to fill in one gap that didn't fill with epoxy), I'll move the hanging basket to the lawn before trying to tie the snail on.

I noticed some allium in my neighbour's yard waste bin that hadn't been collected (she's got a bunch, so I don't know if the "weeding" was on purpose or accidental), so I took the bulbs to plant in my garden (I don't have any), and two of the flowers looked nice so I stuck them in a vase.

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Mandyz said...

poor wee snail. glad he's being well cared for after his injuries.