Monday, December 03, 2012

House Discoveries

I was out for drinks with some colleagues on Thursday, and, after talking with a friend of my boss, it occurred to me he might be interested in the oscilloscope in my front porch that my brother left behind. It turns out he was. Idly, he wondered why it was in the front porch, since that isn't a terribly good place for an oscilloscope. I didn't know why, but said I'd bring it in to warm up so that he could test whether it actually worked or not.

Tonight I wandered down to the basement, wondering if my brother had left behind a "third hand", since Princess Auto has them on cheap right now. I found out why the oscilloscope was in the front porch: there were two more in the basement.

I had no clue what I would do with *one* oscilloscope, let alone three.


Anonymous said...

how big exactly is an oscilloscope?Sue C.

noricum said...

13" tall by 9" wide by 17.5" deep, not counting the knobs, etc sticking out of the front. So, not enormous. Certainly not as big as the antique ice box (pre-refridgeration fridge) dad found somewhere and is currently in the front porch. Nor as big as the bag of dead undies and shirts dad plans to take down to the homeless shelter, but is also in the front porch. (Did I mention this house has a clutter problem?)