Friday, September 14, 2012


The coneflowers in the garden have strange, mutant mini-flowers sprouting out of the flowers:
How bizarre! Have you ever seen that?

Is oregano a Winnipeg-hardy perennial? This looks like oregano and smells herby:
Of course, it could be self-seeded. It would be nice to know for sure... I'd love to make use of it if I could identify it for sure. (I'm planning to go to Sage Garden Herbs tomorrow... maybe they'll be able to identify it if I bring a sprig?)

This is one crappy-quality basket:
Something that's going to survive for a million years in a landfill should at least start out with more than one seasons worth of use! Sheesh.


Catlady said...

Ah, but unfortunately, they're making crappy quality baskets so they don't live forever - too many people buying them, then re-using them instead of buying more!! (much cheaper to buy a flat of flowers than a ready-made basket and design your own!) Plus, the push to make everything recyclable or from recycled components actually reduces the quality to some extent... Somewhat of a no-win situation!

noricum said...

Urgh. :P