Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crap. (Figurative, not Literal.)

...although some of the figurative crap *is* on the back of my shorts:
I discovered this *after* coming home from a movie night at my friend's place. I don't *think* I had it before. I did notice the chair I was sitting on felt... "sticky"... I think it's rubber stains. On my favourite pair of jean shorts. :(

In other news, I noticed a damp smell wafting from the basement as I went to go out the back door. So I went down to check it out.

*Looks* damp, but feels dry.

Ah. Here it is:
From another angle:
Seems to be originating somewhere beside the furnace, and heading towards the drain. Beside the furnace:
Beside the furnace, another angle:
Hmmm... puddles! And it appears to be coming from *under* the furnace.
Hmmm... not just from under the wood, but on top of the wood.
I moved some stuff out of the water:
Now I think I'll go move some more. *sigh*

I need to call my dad. I *suspect* it's either coming in through the chimney (we did have heavy rain this morning), or there's a blocked drain in something. Probably the former, given the rain.

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