Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wonderful Wool

I stopped in at an antique shop on the way home yesterday, to buy some replacement fake soapstone Domo figurines for a cousin who had hers stolen. (They may have been free with gas, but they're cute. I had to resist buying a couple more for myself.) I had a look around while I was there anyway, because there were a few more minutes before closing, and I like wandering around that shop. I found a fantastic machine washable wool blanket for $32, marked down to $26!
IMG_4105 IMG_4106
I ran it through the wash and put it on my bed... and finally didn't need to wear a sweater to bed! (I did get the air conditioners out of the windows, but that only warmed the place up by one degree, so it's still rather nippy.) I woke up *warm* this morning. Ahhhh!

It's 70% wool, 20% nylon, and 10% acrylic. I *love* it! Probably the only other way to get a wool blanket these days would be the HBC Point Blanket, and a similar size would be $325 + tax! (I don't know if the point blankets are machine washable, either.)


jess said...

great find! that looks cozy AND it's a great color! :)

Heather said...

Great blanket. hubby and I both eye the HBC blanket when we're in the store, but just can't bring out selves to buy it. We do have a large sheep skin on our bed (made from 6 skins) and it's really warm. It was a treat on our last trip to New Zealand.

umelecky said...

Beautiful blanket! Stay warm friend.

noricum said...

Yes, I love the colour too! Thanks, everyone! :)

Oooo sheepskin! *Nice*!