Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Someone tried a break-in again recently. This time they were actually in the building, and tried a crowbar to get into the storage area. I still hadn't heard from my landlord about whether he was making police reports, so I called the police non-emergency line to find out. They wouldn't tell me anything, and also wouldn't allow me to make the reports myself. Grrr. (It has to come from either the caretaker, who is half deaf and not super bright, or the landlord.)

So I called my landlord. He'd been away, and only just got back yesterday. He's leaving again for another trip. When I asked him if he'd made reports, he asked what the point was. Argh! Yes, I know there's not much that could be done, but they might send out more frequent patrols, or something. They *certainly* won't do anything if they don't know there's a problem!!!

He said he'd call the cops, and after he's back from his other trip, he'll do something about making the laundry room more secure.

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