Friday, April 24, 2009


Stitch-It Podcast Steek-It Contest Prize!

I won the Stitch-It Podcast "Steek It" contest! My first Wollmeise!!!! Such a *pretty* colour! And other wonderful goodies! Mmmm... pretty roving from her etsy shop!

This actually arrived last Thursday (as a missed-parcel slip), and I picked it up on Friday... but life has been so crazy-busy that I haven't had time to blog it until now. (Sorry!)

Um... the nuclear-green peeps scare me. I'm working up my courage to try one. (I can't remember if I tried a peep back when I was living in the USA and P was my roommate.)

One of my visiting cousins enjoyed the peanut butter cup, due to my allergies. I've been enjoying the Whoppers, though. :)

Hmmm... perhaps things have slowed down enough now that I can actually look through the socks book? ;)

Thanks Meghan!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

If you tried Peeps while living with me, it didn't leave any impression on me. I don't eat them myself, so I wouldn't have had them around, either. Only way they'd have been in the house was if someone gave us some.

noricum said...

Hmmm... I wonder what I'm remembering?

At any rate, I tried one tonight. Although not nuclear, they're not going to be a favourite of mine. (But then, I'm not big on marshmallows either, unless toasted. Hmmm... I wonder how these would taste toasted over a fire? Could I toast something that would look at me accusingly as I did so?)

Anonymous said...

In my experience, nobody actually eats peeps. If you search on the internet, you'll find that people use 'em in dioramas. In my household, they are simply microwaved until they melt into molten blobs, while various children watch in fascination and laugh.


noricum said...

My cousins wanted to nuke one, but the weekend was filled with other activities. ;)