Saturday, April 25, 2009



When I woke up this morning, it was snowing. (And cold in my apartment.) So I closed the windows and went back to bed.

It's now warmer in my apartment, the sun is shining through the clouds, and it's no longer snowing. Plus it's 2 pm. I think I'll get up this time. ;)

(I was up late, preparing to upload some photos for my dad. I gave him all the unedited photos for the wedding on a DVD, but it turns out that he doesn't have a DVD reader on the laptop he took with him on the honeymoon. So I created a new Flickr account (and Yahoo account, after "breaking" the Flickr account on an existing Yahoo account), and am trying to pare down the number (and size) of the photos so that I can give him a nice selection in under 20 MB. *sigh* Four hours of working at it last night, and not only am I still well over the size limit, but I haven't even gone through all the photos! At 2 am, I had to pack it in, because I couldn't keep my eyes open any more.)

I'm still tired, but I need to get up so I can do laundry this weekend. (I wasn't able to do laundry last weekend due to the wedding and my cousins being in town.)

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Sara said...

Ack! Snow?! O Cananda!

You are a good daughter.