Monday, October 15, 2012

Progress... Slow, But Still Progress...

Well, I didn't actually manage to make it into the garden this weekend, so instead here are some photos of what I accomplished previously:
Okay, technically this wasn't in the garden, but it is progress. I'm not sure if I posted the mess it was before, but it is indeed a vast improvement. More of the crap boxes will be going in recycling, but I had filled the bin last week, and so needed to wait until this week before putting more in. (Which I haven't done yet, but I have until Tuesday night.)
Yeah, I posted about this before, but I feel this shows how much dirt I threw around last weekend.

One thing I did accomplish this weekend:
I converted two small pumpkins into four cups of puree for my grandma to use for pie, plus pumpkin seeds for me (I was going to share with co-workers, but there aren't many left after snacking tonight), and pumpkin skin and glop for the compost pile! :) I also made an impressive mess... thank goodness for dishwashers! (There's a few handwash items I need to do, but the kitchen is mostly back to normal.)

Although Saturday was a perfect day for being in the garden (cool, sunny, not winter), I spent the daylight hours running around shopping, and getting stuck in football traffic. (Whoops... note to self: check schedule before planning to be anywhere near the stadium!) However, I did buy some gardening tools I need, plus a replacement light fixture for outside the back door (the old one died... not sure if it's the motion sensor or timer, but it died).

Next weekend is a retreat, so no gardening then either. I've got my fingers crossed that winter keeps holding off!!! (Perhaps things will slow down a bit at work, and I can used some banked time for a gardening day.)

I'm making progress inside too. Not as fast as I'd like, but I'm only one person. (I have to keep reminding myself of that!)

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