Monday, April 23, 2012

Asia In A Box

I started a new kitty painting tonight:
Unless I finish her really quickly, this is the painting I'll be working on at the art show on the Sunday afternoon.

It's based on my own photo (of someone else's cat):

Oh, and I photographed my penguins properly, and cropped and cleaned up the image:
I've also got them in a frame now:
Given that I'm probably not going to be printing new cards this time (mom's laser is in the shop being cleaned, and they don't print as well on my inkjet), I may actually be ready for the show! (Or I might make some magnets of the penguins... those print well on my inkjet. Plus I need to make labels. Maybe I'm not ready for the show.)

I feel like I don't want to overprice my penguins, but I also don't really want them to sell... I'd like to enjoy them for a bit first.


Sara said...


I really love those penguins and I can see why you would want to keep them around for a while.

You are such a talented gal!!!

noricum said...

Thanks! :D