Friday, December 16, 2011


I keep thinking I'm good at math, and then I do something like this:
This is a second pair of "Double Mittens with Angora Lining". I'm not fond of after-thought thumbs (buttonhole thumbs? ...whatever they're called), so this time I decided to modify the pattern to have a thumb gusset. I looked up how many stitches wide the afterthought thumb was, then calculated how many increase rounds I'd need, and thus where I needed to start the gusset.

I reached the point you can see in the photo, when it dawned on me: I had calculated how to get enough increases for the width (13 stitches), not the full circumference (26 stitches).


Now I'm trying to figure out what my options are... besides ripping back half of what I've knit, of course. *sigh*


aniexma said...

You're still good! I do my gusset increases to half the circumfrence, then leave those stitches on a bit of yarn, then, after finishing the hand, pick up the 13 stitches and cast on 13 more. Works every time!

noricum said...

Two problems: (1) I already frogged, and (2) I meant for the top of the gusset/thumb hole stitches to be adjacent to each other.