Saturday, October 22, 2011


I knit my first Julekuler (Arne & Carlos Christmas ornament):


Of course, since I didn't check the gauge before going yarn shopping, this ended up rather large... about the size of one of those large navel oranges or a grapefruit.

I'm going to try the same yarn on smaller needles to see how it looks.


Catlady said...

Nothing wrong with giant Christmas ball ornaments!!

Heather said...

wow, very lovely

noricum said...

Catlady: Especially since knitted ones are so light! I just have a personal preference for something smaller. (Although I should probably make a few this size so that it doesn't look out of place.)

Heather: Thanks!

Martha said...

the balls came beautiful! never mind the size. i also knit them! im on my 17th one! :) they are such fun to knit!

noricum said...

Thank you! :D